Pantzingo International Artist Residency

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

In order to apply for an Artist Residency at Pantzingo International Artist Residency, it is necessary to create an account with Submittable.

The following information is provided in response to inquiries from individual artists, performing arts groups, and university/college/conservatory/educational institution applicants.

1) We charge an application fee to discern the serious applicants.  In cases of hardship, the fee will be refunded to applicants who are not selected for a residency.

2) Pantzingo Residency founder Jan Hanvik has been involved in the field of artist residencies in many capacities since approximately 1986, beginning with a consultancy to the artist residency program of the National Endowment for the Arts (U.S.)  He was Executive Director of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center residency in Manhattan 2008-16.  He founded and ran the Tlacopac International Artist Residency in Mexico City 2018 - 20 until it closed its doors due to COVID.  He was invited by various P'urhépecha communities to adapt their four ecotourism parks into artist residencies.  Pantzingo is the first to open its doors as an artist residency. 

3) For one application fee, applicants will have their application reviewed up to 3 times, on the condition that they submit updated supportive application materials to strengthen a rejected application.


The P'urhépecha people live by a communitarian, not a capitalist, model.  Therefore, fees that artists, performing arts groups, arts organizations, affinity groups, college, university, and conservatory pay is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Costs are determined after the Parangaricutiro group of the P'urhépecha review applications and determine costs.  While Jan Hanvik has been named by the Parangaricutiro Committee as their Ambassador, in order to maintain their sovereignty, he is not empowered to enter into legal or financial agreements in their name. Applicants on their applications will chose from a menu, which will determine fees to be paid, including such items as:

Transportation Mexico City - Pantzingo - Mexico City

1 - 3 meals per day

Special meals e.g. vegetarian, or P'urhépecha

Spanish language guide or classes

P'urhépecha language guide or classes

Local tours, participation, and/or classes in P'urhépecha history, fishing, agriculture, cooking, eco-forestry, orchid culture, woodworking/carpentry, weaving, ceramics, hiking, horeseback riding, regional tours, arrangement of artistic creative, performative, or other collaborative experiences, inter alia

Individual Artist fees MIGHT average USD $415/week Spouses are not allowed to share unless working on exactly the same project. *SPECIFIC INQUIRIES WELCOMED*

Performing Arts Groups MIGHT average USD $1200-$5000/week, depending on number of artists (2-10) & administrators (1-2), and requested Add-On's. *SPECIFIC INQUIRIES WELCOMED*

College, University, Conservatory, Educational Institution performing arts groups; visual arts/art history/Study Abroad/indigenous studies, & other programs, Art Museum affinity groups MIGHT average: USD $7000 - $15000/week, depending on number of students/participants/researchers (5-10) & professors (2-3), and requested Add-Ons. *SPECIFIC INQUIRIES WELCOMED*

Pantzingo International Artist Residency